We Are the Night – Siff 2011 Movie Review

We are the Night [  Germany (German), 2010, 96 minutes ]
Director: Dennis Gansel
Principal Cast: Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Karoline Herfurth
See it: May 29, 30 at SIFF

Eighteen year old Lena is already in trouble with the law, and when she picks the wrong pocket she is aggressively pursued by an eager young police detective. There is immediate chemistry between the detective and Lena while she beats him up as nicely as possible before her flirtatious escape. Later that night, Lena finds more trouble when she inadvertently stumbles into a vampire club and picks the pocket (dress) of the centuries old Louise, who decides that Lena is a must have addition to her family. We witness the transformation of Lena from teenage brat to beautiful vampire and her struggle to adjust to the lifestyle change. The world is enchanting and real. The struggles and baggage associated with immortality and the need for blood become readily apparent.

Overall Entertainment / Enjoyment: A
This movie is a complete gem! It is well done form beginning to end. The acting is stellar. The cinematography is amazing. The casting is perfect. The effects are first rate. The story is strong and emotional. The subtitles are easy to read and still enjoy the movie. The vampire lore is fairly pure (they sire by biting and burn in the sun) with the exception that the female vampires decided the males were too much trouble and decided to keep the club girls only. The film strikes the perfect balance of sexy, action, and gore without exhausting any segment. The exclusively female vampire characters are a pleasant divergence from the typical vampire movie.

Film Festivalness: Awesome Foreign Film!
Go see it!

Siff Provided Synopsis:
It’s been 90 years since F.W. Murnau first gave birth to the cinematic vampire and now German director Dennis Gansel is bringing the creatures back home to Berlin. Eighteen-year-old Lena is a small time criminal hunting for nightly pick-pocketing opportunities in an illegal nightclub. Unfortunately, the owner of the club, Louise, soon catches on to her racket and takes a liking to her, sinking her teeth into her neck. Although Lena is initially resistant of joining Louise’s centuries-old trio of vampires, she is seduced into their immortal world by the youthful, luxurious, and totally feminine anarchy that they have created. However, Lena eventually grows tired of the high life, and her attraction to an undercover police detective drives a stake between her and the pack, while also putting their immortality on the line. We Are the Night smartly swaps the gender expectations in vampire films and supplies an anarchic feminine treatise for a world where men exist only to be used. Filmed with an eye for the extravagant and a musical score that drives the movie forward, Gansel has captured a tremendous vision that will appease even the strongest bloodlust. Recommended for Ages 17+ (contains scenes of bloody horror and violence).



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