Una Noche (SIFF 2013)

Dramatic and desperate day in the life of three Havana teens attempting to secure a better future by crossing the 90 miles of ocean separating destitution from hope. At times frantic and jarring, the plot felt a bit disjointed. I didn’t enjoy it very much, and I felt that it took itself more seriously than I did. But many (many!) film festival awards may prove to be a more accurate measure than my lone opinion.

Provided Film Synopsis
A young Cuban, Elio, pulls back from his close relationship with his twin sister Lila when he befriends Raul, a sexy, volatile co-worker. Raul dreams of immigrating to Miami, but his dream becomes a desperate get-away plan when he gets in trouble with the law. With Elio's help, Raul scrounges up the equipment and supplies necessary to sail from Cuba to the USA. In an unexpected twist, Lila impulsively joins them, and the trio begins a harrowing 90-mile voyage by boat. First-time director Lucy Mulloy boldly explores a side of Havana never before seen on film. She displays an impressive visual flair and a grasp of the complexities and contradictions in the hearts and minds of today's young Cubans. A section of the film is shot on water, which is as emotionally intense as it is technically impressive. With the Havana sun scorching and the ocean waves lapping, Una Noche is sensory, youthful, vibrant, and tense, and builds over the course of a single day to a shocking climax.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Lucy Mulloy
  • Cast Members:

    • Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre
    • Dariel Arrechaga
    • Javier Núñez Florián
    • María Adelaida Méndez Bonet
  • Countries:

    • Cuba
  • Languages:

    • Spanish
  • Genres:

    • Coming of Age
    • Drama
    • Political
    • Show Me the World
    • Social Issues