To Fool A Thief (SIFF 2014)

Fun and funny double-crossing heist comedy. The constantly changing loyalties and schemes kept me on my toes, and all the supporting characters were great fun to watch. Don’t leave at the first credits or you’ll miss a gem of a closing sequence!

Provided Film Synopsis
Nothing is what it seems to be in Ariel Winograd’s crowd-pleasing heist comedy. Virtuoso thief Sebastian (Daniel Hendler) steals an Aztec artifact in a daringly sophisticated museum heist, only to discover that the artifact is a fake and that another thief (Valeria Bertuccelli) has absconded with the real one. Sebastian pursues her into Argentina's Mendozan wine country, intent on beating her to her next theft: a rare bottle of 1845 Malbec de Burdeos for an unscrupulous wine collector. But when things don't go as planned, the two rivals are forced to band together in order to steal the bottle from a bank vault. Two of Agentina's best known film stars, Hendler and Bertuccelli, know that con game films rely as much on charm as real con artists do, and they bring a smooth, accomplished style to their Hepburn-Tracy banter. Winograd wraps his two stars in high-glamor fashion and a sleek, 1960s-style vibe, then updates things with some winking homages to other great caper films. But To Fool a Thief also has another ace up its sleeve: the stunning, picaresque Argentinean city of Mendoza, whose striking locations offer one of the best tourism advertisements in South American film history.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Ariel Winograd
  • Cast Members:

    • Daniel Hendler
    • Mario Alarcon
    • Martin Piroyansky
    • Pablo Rago
    • Valeria Bertuccelli
  • Countries:

    • Argentina
  • Languages:

    • Spanish
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Romantic Comedy