Thrilling Tales of Astonishment – Siff Shorts Review

Thrilling Tales of Astonishment was the name given to the second set of shorts which were screened directly following the sold out opening shorts set. These shorts were eclectic, entertaining, and generally rather dark, but typically very funny. Overall B+


Moving Day [ Australia (English), 2010, 9 minutes
Director: Jason Wingrove
Principal Cast: Darcy Griffith, Kate Shermam
See it: May 27 at SIFF

5 Stars: Young girl goes on a turf war with the magical fairies she finds at her new house.



The Legend of Beaver Dam [ Canada (English), 2010, 12 minutes
Director: Jerome Sable
Principal Cast: L.J. Benet, Sean Cullen, Rick Miller, Kailey Swanson
See it: May 27 at SIFF

4 Stars: Musical “gore-fest” sparked by tales of Stumpy Sam. Unexpected and Funny!




Adder’s Bite [ Canada (English), 2010, 10 minutes
Director: Firas Momani
Principal Cast: Colin LePage, Clifford Myers
See it: May 27 at SIFF

1 Star: This short will instill fear of swimming pools without much reward.




Blinky ™ [ Ireland (English), 2010, 12 minutes
Director: Ruairi Robinson
Principal Cast: Max Records
See it: May 27 at SIFF


5 Stars: Blinky ™ wants to be your friend and he will do anything you ask. Be careful what you ask for. He is very accommodating an eager to please. Very well done!




Chum [ USA (English), 2010, 11 minutes
Director: Gavin Carlton
Principal Cast: Bob Bancroft, Sierra Fisk, Nathan Baesal, John Douglas Williams, KC Mercer
See it: May 27 at SIFF


3 Stars: If you can swim the length of the pool and return, then you’ll be set free.



Dungeon Master [ USA (English), 2011, 14 minutes
Director: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong
Principal Cast: Adam Busch, Chris Wylde, Travis Schuldt, Alexander Polinksy, Alexandra Barreto, Chad Crone
See it: May 27 at SIFF


2 Stars: The moral to the story is: Don’t cross your Dungeon Master. However, this short had a lot of build up for little reward. Too long for the story content and ending punch line.


Huhu Attack! [ New Zealand (English), 2010, 15 minutes
Director: Patrick Gillies
Principal Cast: Jeremy Brennan, Victoria Abbott, Mark Hadlow, Elizabeth Moody
See it: May 27 at SIFF


ZERO Stars: Siff provided, “Social misfits Miles and Ngaire find love against a backdrop of communist witch-hunts, neighborhood backbiting, and 40ft-high mutant man-eating Huhu grubs!” I say… not worth the effort.




Protoparticles [ Spain (Spanish), 2010, 8 minutes
Director: Chema García Ibarra
Principal Cast: José Antonio Fernández Jaén, José Manuel Ibarra, Susi Martínez
See it: May 27 at SIFF


2 Stars: This short didn’t appeal to me. The narrator’s voice was very monotone and grating. The story was dark with little comedic relief. I would have preferred to end the set with a dark comedy like Blinky ™ or The Legend of Beaver Dam.


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