The Summit (SIFF 2013)

K2 is the second highest peak on earth, but it has the most dangerous reputation. The Summit tells the story of the deadliest day on K2 when 25 climbers set out to reach the summit, but only 14 returned. Although there were survivors, photos, and videos, there has been no consensus about the progression of events. Not a mountaineer myself, I was surprised at how completely mesmerized I was by this story. Highly recommended!

Provided Film Synopsis
Peaking at 28,251 feet above sea level, K2 is the world's second highest mountain. Revered by mountaineers as the ultimate challenge, it also has a more sinister reputation as the most difficult, dangerous mountain to summit. In August 2008, 18 climbers from a party of 24 reached the top; 48 hours later, 11 people were dead or had simply vanished into the thin air - full account of the events has never been determined. Utilizing found footage, reenactments, and interviews with the survivors and families of victims, director Nick Ryan attempts to reconstruct what happened over the course of those fateful two days, one of the deadliest in mountain-climbing history. At the mystery's heart lies the story of Ger McDonnell, whose decision to risk his own life to save others leads to unforeseen consequences and repercussions. Filled with breathtaking cinematography of K2 at its most majestic and terrifying extremes, The Summit plays more like a white-knuckle thriller than a documentary, providing one of the most extreme film-going experiences since Touching the Void.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Nick Ryan
  • Cast Members:

    • Alberto Zerain
    • Annie Starkey
    • Cas van de Gevel
    • Cecilie Skog
    • Chhiring Bhote
    • Chhiring Dorje
    • Dong-Jin Hwang
    • Dren Mandić
    • Fredrik Sträng
    • Gerard McDonell
    • Go Mi-Young
    • Hugues D’Aubarede
    • Hyo-Gyeong Kim
    • Iso Planic
    • Jehan Baig
    • Jumik Bhote
    • Kim Jae-soo
    • Kyeong-Hyo Park
    • Lars Flatø Nessa
    • Marco Confortola
    • Meherban Karim
    • Mohammed Hussein
    • Pasang Bhote
    • Pasang Lama
    • Pemba Gyalje
    • Predrag Zagorac
    • Rolf Bae
    • Shaheen Baig
    • Tsering Bhote
    • Wilco van Rooijen
  • Countries:

    • Ireland
  • Languages:

    • Basque
    • English
    • Italian
    • Nepalese
  • Genres:

    • Documentary
    • Drama