The Girl with Nine Wigs (SIFF 2013)

This was a really touching and courageous film inspired by one young woman’s real experiences. Sophie is finally ready to really start her life. She is enrolled in university courses and has plans to move out of her parents’ home and into an apartment with her best friend. She is a young woman with everything ahead of her. Then she is diagnosed with cancer and everything changes.

I was really drawn in to Sophie’s story and how we got to see not only her courageous and driven side, but also the fearful and confused young woman struggling with the “why me” kinds of questions. The filmmaker gives a portrayal of a whole person, full of good and bad decisions, and I ended up loving Sophie all the more for that realness. The Girl with Nine Wigs is dramatic and emotional, but also so funny – it really does a great job with the comedy-drama combination. I loved it and would highly recommend it!

Provided Film Synopsis
At 21 years old, Sophie is a young, energetic student whose life plans are interrupted by a rare form of cancer. But with the help of nine wigs, Sophie rejects the limitations of her diagnosis, as well as the limitations of identity, as she uses each one in turn to become a different version of herself: Cute, girlish Daisy. Enigmatic, sensual Oema. Sue, who can dance and flirt the night away. Stella. Blondie. Platina. Pam. Lydia. Bebé. Sophie is no object of pity, but a person who actively determines how she engages with her new world, and how the rest of the world engages with her. Part comedy and part drama, The Girl With Nine Wigs is a candid account of a self-proclaimed holiday from cancer, a way of accepting a formidable reality while choosing not to mourn it. Based on the bestselling autobiographical book by Sophie van der Stap.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Marc Rothemund
  • Cast Members:

    • David Rott
    • Karoline Teska
    • Lisa Tomaschewsky
    • Maike Bollow
    • Peter Prager
  • Countries:

    • Germany
  • Languages:

    • German
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Drama