ShortsFest Opening Night – Siff 2011 Shorts Review

ShortsFest Opening Night. Overall A


The Abyss Boys [ South Africa (Afrikaans), 2009, 26 minutes
Director: Jan-Hendrik Beetge
Principal Cast: Travis Snyders, Moegammad Ja’Qoob Isaacs, Brendon Daniels
See it: May 27 at SIFF

3 Stars: Poaching is a dangerous business. Well done for what it was. It wasn’t my favorite.



AWOL [ USA (English), 2010, 14 minutes
Director: Deb Shoval
Principal Cast: Kayla Dempsey, Breeda Wool, Darrell Larson, Ruthie O’Dell, Jon Sordoni, Roy Brown
See it: May 27 at SIFF

1 Star: Army girl dreams of running away to Canada with her lesbian lover to escape deployment (AWOL). The story doesn’t work for me because: 1) This appears to be her first deployment, and we don’t have any sympathy for anything yet. 2) There is no real need to make a run for the border as there isn’t a draft in 2010 and she could get kicked out of the military simply by showing her sexual preference. 3) The lesbian love interest seems awkward in that it’s not a secret and it’s not known and the age difference and family arrangement seems less than realistic.




Careful With That Crossbow [ New Zealand, 2010, 2 minutes
Director: Jason Stutter
Principal Cast: Cameron Stevens, Alexia Girvan, Liz Andrews-Stevens, Alexia Girvan
See it: May 27 at SIFF

5 Stars: Two minutes of brilliant situational comedy!





The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore [ USA, 2010, 16 minutes
Director: William Joyce
See it: May 27 at SIFF


5 Stars: Beautiful world and story!





We Are What We Drink [ UK (English), 2010, 7 minutes
Director: Marc Hardman
Principal Cast: Kenneth Collard, Sarah Hoare
See it: May 27 at SIFF


5 Stars: My favorite of the set! How does your coffee represent you? Perfect length, hilarious, too true!



The Wind Is Blowing on My Street [ Iran (Persian), 2010, 15 minutes
Director: Saba Riazi
Principal Cast: Rahman Houshyar
See it: May 27 at SIFF


4 Stars: Good short from Iran. Explores the problem of being locked out of your apartment without a headscarf. Well done. There is a seriousness to this short with both its subject matter and the fact that the lead actress remains anonymous.




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