Robot & Frank (SIFF 2012)

Robot and Frank takes a methodical and intentional look at the day-to-day like of Frank (Frank Langella), a retired cat-burglar. Growing older has led Frank’s children (Liv Tyler and James Marsden) to have concerns about his memory, his health, and his ability to continue caring for himself while living at home alone. Frank consistently refuses to move to a nursing home, so as a compromise, his son purchases a robot to look after Frank and monitor his health. We begin to see an improvement in Frank’s attitude and energy as Robot becomes a regular part of his daily activities. When Frank realizes that Robot is programmed with a prime directive of looking after Frank’s health (to the exclusion of even questionable legal and moral actions), he hatches an elaborate plan to involve Robot in the reboot of his prior career.

This film is gently funny and pulled at my emotions as I watched the developing interactions between Robot and Frank, while slowly realizing the extent of his dependence.

Provided Film Synopsis
Set in the not-so-distant future, this charming buddy comedy follows the unlikely friendship between a curmudgeonly ex-cat burglar and his caretaker robot as they seek to mend familial relations while planning one final heist.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Jake Schrier
  • Cast Members:

    • Frank Langella
    • James Marsden
    • Liv Tyler
    • Peter Sarsgaard
    • Susan Sarandon
  • Countries:

    • USA
  • Languages:

    • English
  • Genres:

    • Buddy Picture
    • Comedy
    • Science Fiction