Obvious Child (SIFF 2014)

A somewhat crudely humorous look at a 20-something’s early life crisis of unemployment, dating difficulties, and unexpected pregnancy. Funny and sweet, with a bit of an edge. Jenny Slate reminds me of Amy Schumer in her comedy stylings (though a little less polished) and Jack Lacy is great as her new, well-bred, love interest. And of course, I love David Cross in just about anything! Overall a decent little comedy that’s worth a watch.

Provided Film Synopsis
Donna Stern is on the rebound—big time. After being dumped, Donna (“SNL” alum Jenny Slate) sinks into depression, which is hard to hide when your job is standup comedy. In true rom-com style, she finds comfort in her best friends, Nellie (Gaby Hoffman) and Joey (played by Slate’s real-life “gay best friend” Gabe Liedman). A particularly terrible standup set sends her into the arms of cute but dull Max (Jack Lacy), for what should be a one-night stand to escape her troubles. Weeks later, however, she realizes her troubles are just beginning: a pregnancy test comes up positive. Judging from the fart jokes in her standup act, Donna is not mature enough to hold down a real job, much less raise a child. To her credit, she realizes this early on and does something few comedic female protagonists do: she decides to have an abortion. Despite the weighty subject matter, director Gillian Robespierre, in her feature debut, injects Obvious Child with sustained laughs, casting well-known comics including Richard Kind as Donna’s father and David Cross as her sketchy boss. Donna careens from wisecracks to raw emotion as the date of her appointment nears—on Valentine’s Day, of course—and as she begins to recognize Max’s inherent decency. This funny, smart, touching film takes an honest look at personal choice, tackling a subject too often overwhelmed by politics and rarely viewed from a female perspective.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Gillian Robespierre
  • Cast Members:

    • David Cross
    • Gabe Liedman
    • Gaby Hoffmann
    • Jake Lacy
    • Jenny Slate
  • Countries:

    • USA
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