Love – Siff 2011 Movie Review

Love [  USA (English), 2011, 90 minutes ]
Director: William Eubank
Principal Cast: Gunner Wright, Bradley Horn, Corey Richardson, Wesley Sellick
See it: May 21, 22, June 11, 2011 at SIFF

Love is a movie. (thinking)… Before the film, we were told that the movie was completely independent. I took some time to digest what that meant. Maybe they meant that the quality of the visuals would be less than I expected. That obviously wasn’t it. The visuals were generally very good and even stunning at time, but the Angels and Airwaves soundtrack (the basis for the idea of the movie) was not compelling enough to stand alone and the storyline was rather weak.

The bulk of the story involves a man stuck in the International Space Station obsessing over a civil war journal found in the hatches. It is obvious that there is supposed to be a lot more connection between the civil war story line, the space station line, and the after the space station line, but it doesn’t work. Even if I put on my artsy hat, it doesn’t work.

Overall Entertainment / Enjoyment: C
There was a lot of excitement for this movie before we saw it. After the show, the others in my parties, were eager to leave without even asking the Director, “What?”.

Visuals: A-
The filming and visuals were very pleasing!

Representing the S in Science Fiction: F
I’m prepared to give a pass here or there when a film asks for it, but they usually need to earn it or tell me that’s what they want. Love ignores the fact that there is no gravity where they are (most of the time) but seems to always do some upside down camera angle or stick something to a window to say… Hey… There’s no gravity. The next minute the guy in on a treadmill or walking casually around. The cycle repeats. It is hard to dismiss. This movie takes place in the future so they could just say: We have artificial gravity and dispense with the upside down camera angles and the window scenes.

Siff Provided Synopsis:
In 2007, rock band Angels & Airwaves approached writer/director William Eubank to collaborate with them on a visual work inspired by their music. LOVE, the resulting film, perfectly captures the intense, dreamlike quality of their music, while offering so much more. Beginning during the American Civil War, Lt. Lee Briggs embarks upon a secretive mission to report on a mysterious object found in a Western desert canyon. Following Briggs’s discovery, the action jumps ahead to the near future where astronaut Lee Miller is nearing the end of his service onboard the International Space Station. However, contact with Earth grows erratic, as he’s told, Something is going on here. When all communication stops, Miller finds himself stranded alone, his life-support systems and his sanity dwindling away, until he makes an unexpected, strange discovery aboard his ship. Drawing inspiration from such films as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, and the recent Moon, Eubank fashions a visually dazzling piece of cerebral science fiction that explores the fundamental human need for connection and the limitless power of hope.



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