Lesson Plan – Siff 2011 Movie Review

Lesson Plan [  Canada (Canadian), 2010, 76 minutes ]
Director: David H. Jeffrey, Philip Neel
See it: May 31, June 1 at SIFF

Lesson Plan is a documentary about the controversial “Third Wave” project developed by Ron Jones in 1967 and taught to a group of Palo Alto students. The project implemented many of the same educational tools and persuasive tactics implemented by groups such as the Nazi party. The overall concept was to show how susceptible most groups can be to crafty indoctrination. The project was a “success”.

Overall Entertainment / Enjoyment: A
The content of this documentary will make you think. It was well put together, and I am glad to have seen it!

Siff Provided Synopsis:
In this provocative documentary, directors Philip Neel and David H. Jeffery look back at 1967’s notorious Third Wave project. Originally designed by Cubberly High teacher Ron Jones to teach his well-heeled Palo Alto pupils (including a teenaged Neel) about the roots of fascism, the experiment proved to be more successful than anyone could have anticipated…or feared. Adopting a compelling oral history approach, the film’s narrative explores the five days of the movement, in which the students started out as a cooperative until informers were assigned by Jones. As members are recruited and trials were held, even non-informants quickly turned on other members in their quest to ace the assignment. Over the decades, the experience would inspire articles, movies, and a novel that has become required reading in several countries. In the introduction, Dr. Philip Zimbardo, who created the Stanford Prison Experiment, provides a succinct thesis for this fascinating film, “The human mind has infinite power to justify any behavior.

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