Klown (SIFF 2012)

Frank and Caspar are best friends planning an epic canoe trip vacation to get away from it all (including their long-time girlfriends) and embark on a “Tour de Pussy” at a legendary, one-night-a-year, invitation-only brothel. Just before they leave, Frank discovers that his girlfriend Mia is pregnant, but hadn’t told him yet because she was trying to determine if he had enough father potential to raise a child. Desperate to show Mia that he is responsible enough to care for a child, Frank essentially kidnaps his 11-year-old nephew Bo to take him on their canoe adventure. Through both heartfelt connections and ridiculously irresponsible actions, Frank and Bo end up making a real connection.

This movie was chock full of comedy, but also very raunchy with a lot of nudity and sex. That being said, I still though it was very funny and would recommend it for an off-beat, explicit comedy movie night.

Provided Film Synopsis
Frank and Casper's philandering weekend trip to an epic one-night-a-year brothel gets complicated when Frank discovers his girlfriend Mia is pregnant in this outré comedy. Presented by Tim League, founder of the legendary Alamo Drafthouse.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Mikkel Nørgaard
  • Cast Members:

    • Casper Christensen
    • Frank Hvam
    • Iben Hjejle
    • Marcuz Jess Petersen
    • Mia Lyhne
  • Countries:

    • Denmark
  • Languages:

    • Danish
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Cult
    • Erotic
    • Road Movie