Game of Werewolves (SIFF 2012)

Game of Werewolves (or as the director actually titled it: Wolves of Arga / Lobos de Arga) is a fantastically funny werewolf horror movie that had me laughing almost uncontrollably while simultaneously gasping in surprise and shock.The premise is fairly simple: Tomas responds to a vague invitation to return to the small Spanish village where he grew up to participate in a ceremony. He believes he is going to be honored for publishing his first book, which he thinks has made him famous to the residents. But the townspeople have other intentions, namely to sacrifice him in order to break a curse that has kept a werewolf terrorizing their town for 100 years. Bloody hilarity ensues as Tomas, his childhood friend Calisto, and his literary agent Mario attempt to uncover the town’s secrets and still escape before they are eaten.I absolutely enjoyed this film and highly recommend it to anyone – especially if you can stomach a side of blood spatter with your belly laughs!

Provided Film Synopsis
In this lycanthropic horror-comedy, Tomás returns to his childhood home to receive a literary award, only to learn that the villagers really want him sacrificed to end a 100-year-old curse of the hairy-fanged variety.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Juan Martinez Moreno
  • Cast Members:

    • Carlos Areces
    • Gorka Otxda
    • Secun De La Rosa
  • Countries:

    • Spain
  • Languages:

    • Spanish
  • Genres:

    • Black Comedy
    • Comedy
    • Crime/Mystery
    • Cult
    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Horror/Thriller
    • Thriller