Full Circle (SIFF 2013)

This heartwarming Chinese comedy follows the residents of a nursing home as they toil to put together an act for the Japanese reality show “Super Skit”. Old Zhou takes the lead in assembling the group and running rehearsals, but they seem to be thwarted at every turn by the nursing staff and even their own family members. They all seem to be quite anxious about who would have responsibility if “something happened” to them while traveling to the competition, but none of them are very concerned about the day-to-day happiness of their resident loved ones. The elderly residents come together in support and solidarity, becoming not only allies but a new family for each other.

This is a strong comedy, but also a real tear-jerker. It surprised me by how much I liked it and it easily secured a place on my personal “Best of SIFF 2013” list. Highly Recommended!

Provided Film Synopsis
A group of residents at the Guanshan Nursing Home in northern China are the charming ensemble cast of this heartwarming film by director Zhang Yang. Some of the residents have poor health and are struggling against illness, some are bitter towards their families for institutionalizing them, and some are simply trying to stay entertained. The group of senior citizens develops a youthful energy when one of them decides that they should compete in a televised acting and variety show competition. The enterprising elderly cohort bands together to write, act, and direct a dramatic piece, despite having very little acting experience. They are determined to present their work at the competition, which will take place in a town near the seaside. The seniors must disobey the orders of a humorless nurse who wants to stop them from embarking on the dangerous journey, but these irrepressible, intrepid seniors find a way to realize their shared dream by buying a bus and sneaking out of the nursing home. On their trip, they discover a renewed zeal for life and experience the unparalleled pleasure of striving for and achieving an unlikely dream.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Zhang Yang
  • Cast Members:

    • Bingyan Yan
    • Huanshan Xu
    • Li Bin
    • Tianming Wu
  • Countries:

    • China
  • Languages:

    • Mandarin
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Drama