Fuck My Wedding (SIFF 2012)

Fuck My Wedding continues where Fuck My Life (SIFF 2011) ended: Javier and Angela are happily together, but we’re expecting that might not last for long. We follow them through the next round of ups and downs, including weddings, pregnancies, and career choices. The use of social media, while not much more than a sidebar in Life, was actually an integral plot device for Wedding and I think it was utilized well. The dramatic relationship woes are balanced by comic relief from Angela’s Johnny Rockets co-worker (who you may remember as the “not gay” bartender from Life) and Javier’s mother and step-father’s Angelina Jolie-inspired plans to “rent” an African baby. Fuck My Life was an interesting introduction into Javier’s convoluted life, and Fuck My Wedding improves on the recipie.

Provided Film Synopsis
In this engaging sequel to last year's Fuck My Life, beloved characters Javier and Angela return, happy and unexpectedly pregnant, but faced with a complex obstacle in the form of Javier’s precocious intern.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Nicolás López
  • Cast Members:

    • Andrea Velasco
    • Ariel Levy
    • Claudia Celedón
    • Lorenza Izzo
    • Nicolas Martinez
    • Paz Bascuñan
    • Ramon Llao
  • Countries:

    • Chile
  • Languages:

    • Spanish
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Romantic Comedy