Fuck My Life – Siff 2011 Movie Review

Fuck My Life [ Chile (Spanish), 2010, 94 minutes ]
Director: Nicolás López
Principal Cast: Ariel Levy, Lucy Cominetti, Andrea Velasco , Paz Bascuñan
See it: June 2, 4, 7 at SIFF

For starters, I think the title of this movie is a bit too harsh – sure Javier has some bad experiences throughout the year this movie covers, but for the most part his life seems to have the same ups and downs you’d expect for most people. He meets a girl and falls in love, then falls out of love and tries to embrace his single life while being unable to escape his ex. He also loses his job and has to sell his apartment – a bad year, to be sure, but not quite what I’d consider “F-word” worthy. This movie shines with it’s ability to keep bringing secondary characters back into contact with Javier – his mother, a policeman, his old ex-girlfriend, the bartender, etc – all with great laughs for the audience. The use of social media (Facebook, texting, digital pictures) is appropriate for the story line, but it felt a little forced at times. Also, the ending seemed contrived, like the writers were taking the easy way out without having laid the groundwork for the outcome to seem natural.

Overall Entertainment / Enjoyment: B
The overall plot felt a little weak, but there were some hilarious (and hilariously uncomfortable) moments. I can’t see myself watching it again (like I would with some other really good comedies), but I enjoyed the experience and renewed my respect for supporting actors – they really steal the show.

Film Festivalness: A
This is a film that, according to SIFF, is such a huge hit in Chile (it’s origin country) that a sequel is already being filmed. One of the reasons I like SIFF is that I get to see these international “blockbusters” that would never see the light of day (or dark of theatre) in the US except at a film festival. For that reason, this is a perfect fit.

Use of Repeating Subtitles: A
“You know, the ribbed ones.” I am certain that this line of dialogue was only spoken once during the film, yet it kept popping up in the subtitles at random times, completely replacing whatever dialogue should have actually been printed there. In case you couldn’t tell, the scoring in this particular category is kind of like golf – a lower grade would have been preferred!

Siff Provided Synopsis
Chile’s hottest new director, Nicolás López, has created a romantic comedy for the Facebook age. The film follows Javier, who’s having a really bad year. Once an advertising hotshot, he lost his job when his parent company closed. He’s broke, and about to lose both his condo and his car. He may have to move in with his mother. But the worst of all is that he wants to get his ex-girlfriend Sofia back. That is, he wants to move on, but how can he when she keeps turning up online? He tries all the traditional cures: deleting her pictures, drinking too much, hanging at dance clubs, and a number of ill-advised one night stands. But he can’t seem to get over her new media-friendly relationship and music career—even though he’s the one who broke it off. Fuck My Life is a huge hit in Chile— López is already shooting the sequel—and it’s no surprise: writer/director López has created a film with a refreshing structure, gorgeous cinematography, and endearingly flawed characters, but ultimately, the film’s biggest star is its playful sense of humor.


Provided Film Synopsis

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Nicolás López
  • Cast Members:

    • Andrea Velasco
    • Ariel Levy
    • Lucy Cominetti
    • Paz Bascuñan
  • Countries:

    • Chile
  • Languages:

    • Spanish
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Romance