Firestorm (SIFF 2014)

Firestorm was exactly what I was looking for in a Hong Kong shoot-em-up action film! Fistfights, martial arts, and lots (and lots and lots) of bullets. The action scenes sometimes strayed far enough into the absurd to make me question my suspension of disbelief (which is already set at a fairly high bar for these type of movies), but the special effects were fantastic and I was thoroughly entertained.

Provided Film Synopsis
A storm is coming to Hong Kong - one so destructive, it threatens to bring down everything in its path. In a crowded downtown neighborhood, the notorious crimelord Nam (Hu Jun) and his crew of ruthless lieutenants, armed with high-powered weaponry, execute a violent and daring armored car heist in broad daylight. The resulting carnage mobilizes the police, led by senior inspector Lui (Andy Lau), who is determined to put an end to Nam’s nefarious reign. However, extreme crimes require extreme measures, even if it means crossing moral lines. Tou, an ex-con desperate to leave his criminal past behind, agrees to be an informant for his former schoolmate Lau in exchange for a fresh star with his girlfriend Yin Bing. As Nam begins to plot his next big score, Lui’s manhunt heats up, leading the two sides into a high-stakes confrontation on the streets of Hong Kong’s central business district. Drawing on such influences as Heat, Killing Zoe, and The Town, director Alan Yuen crafts an entertaining, epic heist film.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Alan Yuen
  • Cast Members:

    • Andy Lau
    • Hu Jun
    • Lam Ka Tung
    • Yao Chen
  • Countries:

    • Hong Kong
  • Languages:

    • Cantonese
  • Genres:

    • Action/Adventure
    • Crime/Mystery
    • Drama