Earthbound (SIFF 2012)

Earthbound tells the engaging story of an 11-year-old boy whose father leaves him an unusual legacy: the top-secret information that his favorite space alien story is not just a story, but is in fact their personal history. Joe grows up believing he is the last son of Zalaxon, his home planet, and that he must survive and stay hidden on Earth until his people’s rebellion is successful and it is safe to return home. In the meantime, he must avoid capture by enemy alien bounty-hunters and avoid detection by the humans. But Joe’s reality really the truth, or just a story his dying father told him to give his life meaning and purpose?

That question only becomes an issue when Joe meets Maria and determines that she is 95% genetically compatible with his DNA. Knowing that this chance will not likely come along again, he pursues a courtship with her. During the evolution of their relationship, Joe decides that Maria has to know the truth about his origins, and that’s when the world starts to fall down around him. As Joe and Maria struggle to determine what is reality and what is the truth, they end up discovering the real questions they should be asking are what is important and what gives their lives meaning.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Joe’s interactions during clumsy romantic advances, heartfelt discussions with his father’s hologram, and awkward conversations with his work colleagues. Earthbound was a great movie, and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a lighthearted romantic comedy crossed with some sic-fi drama with an overall indie-movie flair.

Provided Film Synopsis
In this sci-fi romantic comedy, Joe Norman wants an ordinary life, but it’s not easy when you believe you’re an intergalactic alien. Instead, Joe must find a human girl with whom he can propagate his dying species.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Alan Brennan
  • Cast Members:

    • Aoife Duffin
    • Carrie Crowley
    • David Morrissey
    • Fionnuala O’Shea
    • Jenn Murray
    • John Lynn
    • Jonathan Byrne
    • Milo Pilkington-Masey
    • Ned Dennehy
    • Peter Vollebregt
    • Rafe Spall
    • Robert Bannon
    • Rory Keenan
    • Rosemary Henderson
    • Stephen Hogan
  • Countries:

    • Ireland
  • Languages:

    • English
  • Genres:

    • Comedy
    • Coming of Age
    • Crime/Mystery
    • Romance
    • Romantic Comedy
    • Science Fiction