Duck Beach to Eternity (SIFF 2012)

This was an interesting documentary about the social expectations to get married that young adults in the Mormon community experience. It was created by “an Australian, a Mormon, and an ex-Mormon”. The background and setting for the young men and women who are featured is the annual summer pilgrimage of young, single Mormons to the town of Duck, NC. There, groups of Mormons take over vacation homes on Duck Beach and scout out possible dating options. There’s drinking (of Diet Coke, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew – but no alcohol), hot tubs, and hook-ups (with kissing – but no sex) as each individual seeks to find their partner not just for life, but for eternity. Many of the participants denied that they were there specifically seeking their future spouse, but in general that’s what each person is looking for and this provides a density of faith-specific possibilities that many haven’t found in their daily lives.There are definitely some laughs,  a few intentional and a few more not-so-intentional, and I came away with a somewhat better understanding of why so many Mormons marry so young. I think the main effect this documentary had for me, though, was to feel a little sorry for all the young Mormons who have so much pressure to find their marriage partner and settle into family life, with little emphasis shown for career development, pursuit of hobbies, or other forms of personal development.

Provided Film Synopsis
Every year Mormon singles flock to Duck Beach for Spring Break, with booze-free parties and sex-free hook-ups. This examination of what it’s like to be single and religious in American follows four young people on their rite of passage.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Hadleigh Arnst
    • Laura Naylor
    • Stephen Frandsen
  • Cast Members:

    • Bryan Witchurch
    • Melissa Magleby
    • Ryan Boughman
    • Stacey Ford
  • Countries:

    • USA
  • Languages:

    • English
  • Genres:

    • Coming of Age
    • Documentary