Dragon Pearl (SIFF 2012)

I have to start by saying that the “Films4Families” designation on this movie is spot-on, and if you don’t have an elementary-to-middle school aged child with you (as I did not) then this movie is likely to disappoint. The acting (especially by the two main child actors) is sub-par, the plot is a bit predictable, and the martial arts and chase scenes are overly choreographed. Children will be able to identify with Josh and Ling, the children of two archaeologists, who pass the time while their parents are excavating an ancient emperor’s tomb by exploring the surrounding area. It is during these explorations that they stumble upon an ancient temple and it’s guardian, Wu-Dong, and learn the tale of the Dragon Pearl. Although I didn’t enjoy this film very much, I think it would be a hit with the right age group and the over-the-top comedic acting of Wu-Dong will be a favorite with a young audience.

Provided Film Synopsis
In this Spielbergian adventure, a pair of young comrades discover an ancient dragon and must race against time to recover the creature’s stolen pearl from an evil archaeologist.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Mario Andreacchio
  • Cast Members:

    • Jordan Chan
    • Li Lin Jin
    • Louis Corbett
    • Sam Neill
    • Wang Ji
  • Countries:

    • Australia
    • China
  • Languages:

    • English
    • Mandarin
  • Genres:

    • Buddy Picture
    • Family Friendly
    • Fantasy
    • Martial Arts