Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same – Siff 2011 Movie Review

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same [ USA (English), 2011, 76 minutes ]
Director: Madeleine Olne
Principal Cast: Lisa Haas, Susan Ziegler, Jackie Monahan, Cynthia Kaplan, Dennis Davis, Alex Karpovsky, Rae C Wright
See it: May 28, 29 at SIFF

This is a campy, kitschy, B-movie with all the right pieces. Jane is a lonely stationery store clerk who is looking for love but is too shy to open a conversation with anyone. Enter Zoinx, an alien from the planet Zotz who has been sent to Earth to have her heart broken in order to disrupt the viscous cycle of “big feelings” that seems to be destroying the ozone on her planet. Zoinx appears at Jane’s store and purchases a “love card”, which she immediately give to Jane. This leads to coffee, movies, and dancing as their relationship grows. Two other aliens accompanied Zoinx to Earth, and they find they are better suited for each other than any Earthlings they’ve come across. With comedic low-tech effects and witty dialogue, this movie is sure to entertain!

Overall Entertainment / Enjoyment: B
I suppose any good B-movie should end up with a B rating, right?

Film Festivalness: B
This is the only place a movie like this is going to find an audience, and this is a film that definitely deserves that audience. It’s difficult to rate a movie that is intentionally going for that low-quality look, but I think the overall characters, plot, filming, etc comes down as a solid B.

Invention of a New Language: A
At the director’s Q&A after the film, we learned that in order to make the alien language sound more, well, alien, they ran the dialogue recordings backwards. And kudos to them, they also ran the video footage backwards to try and make sure the voices and lips would still match up!

Siff Provided Synopsis:
In a galaxy not so far away, the planet Zotz is being destroyed by the overactive emotions of its inhabitants. In order to prevent the hole in their planet’s ozone layer from growing bigger, three lesbian space aliens are sent to Earth with a mandate to fall in love and have their hearts broken. As the fetching Zotzians explore the world of speed-dating and personal ads in New York City for the perfect soon-to-be-ex mate, one finds love with Jane, an eager stationery store clerk oblivious to the fact that she’s dating an alien. Discovering the neediness of earthling women, the other two make a connection with each other. Employing campy DIY effects that would make Ed Wood envious, first-time feature writer/director Madeline Olnek has crafted an uproarious film that combines B-movie camp with a witty look at lesbian life—ultimately telling a story about a love that transcends galaxies.


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