Canopy (SIFF 2014)

A nearly silent film set in the dense, lush jungles of Singapore where two soldiers (one Australian and one Chinese) meet and form a wordless alliance in their fight to survive and avoid capture by their joint enemy. This film does a great job of making you feel the disorientation and paranoia of wandering aimlessly in a foreign land while being tracked by enemy combatants.

Provided Film Synopsis
In his debut feature film, Australian director Aaron Wilson envelops us in an exhilarating thriller, set in a vast wilderness during the Japanese invasion of Singapore in 1942. Jim, a stranded Australian airman, wakes up suspended among the treetops after being shot down in combat, and is forced to traverse the harsh jungle—full of unknown and dangerous adversaries—in his quest to reach safety. His own strength and ingenuity is his only hope for survival, until he encounters Seng, a Chinese resistance fighter, who has also been separated from his battalion. The two men don’t share the same language but are forced to become unlikely teammates and rely on one another through extraordinary conditions, in order to escape their extreme surroundings and ultimately find their way out of the canopy. Wilson crafts an unforgettable and tangible cinematic experience through Stefan Duscio’s rich cinematography and an expert use of sound and dialogue, which when combined, place the viewer brilliantly into the action. Canopy offers the audience a unique bird’s eye view of Jim’s and Seng’s journey, along with an exploration of the relationship between nature and war.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Aaron Wilson
  • Cast Members:

    • Edwina Wren
    • Khan Chittenden
    • Mo Tzu-Yi
    • Robert Menzies
    • Yoshi Yamamoto
  • Countries:

    • Australia
    • Singapore
  • Languages:

    • Chinese
    • English
    • Japanese
  • Genres:

    • Drama