We Are The Best! (SIFF 2014)

Two Swedish middle school girls living at the edge of peer acceptance decide on a whim to form a band, but realize that they have no idea how to play any instruments. An obstacle that might dissuade others only invigorates Klara and Bobo to find another member, Hedvig (who plays the guitar) and push ahead with their dreams. The fast friendships that develop are the real story here, and the acting by the three young leads is top-notch. This is a great film about trying to be true to yourself when you’re still figuring out who you are. Highly recommended!

Provided Film Synopsis
Set in early 1980s Stockholm, We Are the Best! is a sweetly raucous film from director Lukas Moodysson that follows a trio of pre-teen girls who discover the power of music, friendship, and rebellion. Best friends Bobo and Klara are fed up with clueless parents, conformist classmates, and the sexist musicians at the community center who refuse to accept the power of punk rock. Despite having no musical ability (or even instruments) they decide to form their own band, creating cacophonous in-your-face diatribes against sports and politics. Then they meet Hedvig, a good Christian girl in fuzzy sweaters who is a classical guitar prodigy. Hedvig seems out of her element at first, but soon becomes liberated by the music, discovering a fire inside of herself that comes out in force—especially after she gets her first DIY haircut. Based on his wife Coco's graphic novel "Never Goodnight," Moodysson returns to the style of his beloved films Show Me Love and Together, capturing the joys of youth with a naturalistic, almost documentary style that genuinely embraces the spirit of the outsider and features a trio of young actresses who are true discoveries. Like grrl-power classic Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains before it, We Are the Best! is destined to inspire a new generation to pick up guitars, let their freak flags fly, and take over the world.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Lukas Moodysson
  • Cast Members:

    • Liv LeMoyne
    • Mira Barkhammar
    • Mira Grosin
  • Countries:

    • Sweden
  • Languages:

    • Swedish
  • Genres:

    • Buddy Picture