Another Earth – Siff 2011 Movie Review

Another Earth [  USA (English), 2011, 90 minutes ]
Director: Mike Cahill
Principal Cast: William Mapother, Brit Marling, Jordan Baker, Robin Lord Taylor, Flint Beverage
See it: May 21, 23, 2011 at SIFF

Another Earth explores the question “what if” there were another you on another earth and “what if” that alternate you made different decisions. This is the best science fiction, where the genre is used to explore the underlying questions of existence and being human. There is no meteor striking earth and there is no imminent global catastrophe.

The acting was well done. The filming was rich. The scene-scapes featuring a second earth are awesome.

Overall Entertainment / Enjoyment: A
This movie was well done on just about every aspect. The acting, directing, cinematography, and writing were all top notch. I found in emotional and heart warming.

Film Festivalness: Preview
This movie seems to have found a distributor with Fox, so its appearance in the film festival is more of a preview of a main release movie than a gem you won’t see anywhere else.

SIFF Provided Synopsis:
On the night a duplicate planet is discovered in our solar system, Rhoda Williams (co-writer Brit Marling) makes a terrible mistake. Her momentary lapse of judgment results in a devastating car accident that takes the life of a mother and her son, leaving only the husband (William Mapother) behind to deal with the aftermath. After paying her debt to society, Rhoda attempts to put her life back together, but is still haunted by the events of that tragic evening. Finding solace in the other earth that is visible in the sky, she imagines that everything might be different, maybe better, on that parallel planet. Determined to atone for her actions, Rhoda develops a relationship with the widower, only to find that forgiveness does not come without a price and sacrifice is sometimes the greatest expression of love. Featuring pitch-perfect direction from helmer (and co-writer) Mike Cahill, Another Earthexamines the emotional landscape of the heart, the power of forgiveness and, ultimately, the very nature of existence.



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