4 Days in May (SIFF 2012)

What happens to the soldiers when the war is ending and the moral imperatives are unclear? 4 Days in May tells the story of a group of Russian and German troops who must figure out how to co-exist with each other until they can successfully make it home. During the course of the story, we explore young heroism, love, family values, and the need to mess with the “enemy” just because. The cinematography is rich; the story is well put together; the characters are strong. This film is highly recommended.

Provided Film Synopsis
It’s four days before the end of the World War II in Germany. Berlin has just fallen and time stands still when those fighting realize they might survive after all. This transition—soldiers going from civilian to beast and back again—fascinates director Achim von Borries . “This personal aspect, something private, are the most inspiring moments in cinema for me,” says von Borries. The true story of 4 Days in May takes place on the German-Baltic coastline in May 1945. The Germans have lost, and soldiers as well as the German populace flee for safety. Others go on rampages and just can’t stop fighting. Meanwhile, a German orphanage is being used as a basecamp for occupying Russian soldiers led by Captain Kalmykov (Aleksei Guskov). He befriends young Peter (Pavel Wenzel), the nephew of the Baroness (Gertrud Roll) who runs the orphanage from her mansion. The orphanage shelters dozens of young people of various ages. A secret love begins to bloom between a Russian and a German. With the Nazi defeat only hours away, a large troop of Nazi soldiers is spotted on the nearby beach, leading to a tense, protracted standoff and ending in an ironic twist of loyalties.

Movie Details

  • Directed By:

    • Achim Von Borries
  • Cast Members:

    • Aleksei Guskov
    • Andrey Merzlikin
    • Ivan Shvedoff
    • Pavel Wenzel
    • Sergey Legostaev
  • Countries:

    • Germany
  • Languages:

    • German
    • Russian
  • Genres:

    • Drama
    • Political