Standing Aside, Watching (SIFF 2014)

This film is set in Greece in the aftermath of the global economic meltdown, and every character […]


Leading Lady (SIFF 2014)

I had very high hopes for this film after loving Fanie Fourie’s Lobola (director Hank Preorius’ last […]


To Fool A Thief (SIFF 2014)

Fun and funny double-crossing heist comedy. The constantly changing loyalties and schemes kept me on my toes, […]


Love and Lemons (SIFF 2014)

This is a lovely and charming romantic comedy that is certainly formulaic, but so perfectly done you […]


Family United (SIFF 2014)

This family-centered comedy drama unfolds over the course of a single day in which the youngest of […]


A Brony Tale (SIFF 2014)

This documentary about adult fans of the My Little Pony franchise felt less substantial than other documentaries, […]


Desert Runners (SIFF 2014)

Fascinating overview of ultramarathon participants enrolled in the 4 Deserts Grand Slam: Running the four desert ultramarathons […]


To Be Takei (SIFF 2014)

Excellent documentary about George Takei and his passion equality for all both by learning about the past […]


The Double (SIFF 2014)

Simon James lives an isolated existence in a bleak and depressing world, but he discovers light and […]


Firestorm (SIFF 2014)

Firestorm was exactly what I was looking for in a Hong Kong shoot-em-up action film! Fistfights, martial […]


Trust Me (SIFF 2014)

Howard (Clark Gregg) lives a fast-paced Hollywood life as an agent for child actors, but any of […]


Tangerines (SIFF 2014)

War is coming and everyone has left the village. Everyone, that is, except for Ivo and Margus, […]


Hot Coffee (SIFF 2011)

Do you remember hearing about that person who sued McDonald’s because their coffee was too hot? I […]


Monsoon Shootout (SIFF 2014)

Adi, a rookie cop in Mumbai, is thrust into the intense “what-ifs” of police decision making when […]


When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (SIFF 2013)

Tung has been unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend via Post-it Note. Despite her clear intentions to leave […]


We Are The Best! (SIFF 2014)

Two Swedish middle school girls living at the edge of peer acceptance decide on a whim to […]


Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (SIFF 2014)

What would you do for buried treasure? Quit your job? Leave your home? Travel to a foreign […]


Difret (SIFF 2014)

“Abducting for marriage is our tradition.” Hirut is 14 years old when she is abducted on her […]